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Tracklist (Cliquez sur les liens pour découvrir les paroles)


1 - Amaterasu


Line-Up : Evodie (Chant), Maria (Chant), Fabrice (Guitares), Khrys (Basse), Thierry (Batterie)


Prise de son & Mixage : Thierry Lacoux




You saw me slipped away the room

My fragrance stood there has the chimney swished

You must have dreamt, for sure

As I start snaking in the stone track

My scruff is scratching me

I can see my nails moving to black claws

No more steps left to be

Finally free from the human life I own

The time trial has now begin

I am finding back the beast

In me


I am Wolf.

It's my cry you hear in the night

My eyes that gaze at your mind?

It's my heart that beats in your Soul

My strength that makes you whole.

I am Wolf, I am in you.

I am Wolf. We Are Wolves


The air plays in my mane

I can even smell the blood running in your veins

Suddenly you recognize my eyes

No need to say that it's time to revenge

My claws scratch on your face

Just before they sink deep in your chest

It's so heady to hold

The reaper's heart I've cursed for so long

The revenge has now begin

I had found back the beast

In me




Shewolf, you'll never get me in chains

Shewolf, ‘cause I belong in den

Shewolf, for me love is in vain

Shewolf, ‘cause I belong in wilderness

Prochaine Date

Amaterasu 2014 - Hybrid Harmony
00:00 / 00:00
Lecteur audio

15/11/2019 - L'acoustic Bar - Montauban - 21h30

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