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Date de sortie : 25 Février 2013

Line-Up : Caroline (Chant), Fabrice (Guitares), Khrys (Basse), Thierry (Batterie)


Choeurs par Hybrid Harmony, Murmures sur “Dearly Beloved” par Pauline & Solène Hennig

Arrangements & Orchestrations : Fabrice Roman & Thierry Lacoux


Prise de son & Mixage : Thierry Lacoux

Tracklist (Cliquez sur les liens pour découvrir les paroles)


1 - Dearly Beloved

2 - Infernal Masquerade

3 - Plasticine

4 - Amaterasu

5 - 1244 Part 1 (Just Before) (Instrumental)

6 - 1244 Part 2 (The Blood Flown)

7 - 1244 Part 3 (Under the Clouds of Chaos)

8 - Inside

9 - Succubus

10 - Blackstar

11 - Swear to Devil

12 - Submission (Bonus Track)


Infernal Masquerade est le premier album du groupe. Il synthétise à lui seul le parcours d’Hybrid Harmony depuis les débuts.

En ce sens, il peut paraitre inégal chanson après chanson, mais ce disque est le fruit d’un long travail.

La trilogie “1244” est sans aucun doute le point culminant de l’album et le groupe aura bientôt l’occasion de développer un peu plus ce thème...

Un clip a été tourné pour la promotion de cet album, il met en image la chanson éponyme “Infernal Masquerade”.

Le mixage a été réalisé par Thierry, tout comme l’ensemble du livret.

Ce disque a été tiré à 500 exemplaires et vous en trouverez en vente sur tous nos concerts. Vous pouvez également vous le procurer via notre boutique en ligne et sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargement légal ou l’écouter sur Deezer.


1 - Dearly Beloved


I just want you to be my slave

I need you to clean your mind to obey my order and

I'll be the master.


Come to me receive my host

My holy graal

I’m gonna teach you how to pray and

How to cry.


You're my son

You're my slave

I'm the judge

Welcome to my Church


I can't resist I’m too weak, my children

I hope you will pardon me for that

I am not evil


Let me repent of my faults

I'm kneeling down in front of my god, our father

I beg your pardon


You're my son

You're my slave

I'm the judge

Welcome to my Church


I just want you to be my slave

I need you to clean your mind to obey my order and

I'll be the master.


Come to me receive my host

My holy graal

I’m gonna teach you how to pray and

How to cry.


You're my son

You're my slave

I'm the judge

Welcome to my Church



2 - Infernal Masquerade


I go inside your body

I control your mind

You swallow me


I flow in your veins

You sweating me

Aspired me


You’re dependant of me

You must take on you

As if you drowning in the sea

You can’t go out of it


Just you and me in the black sky

Feel it inside

You desire me


Your blood is burning

You’re a shadow

You belong to me


J’entre dans ton corps

Je contrôle ton esprit




Tu es dépendant de moi



3 - Plasticine


So colourful

So sweet, so delightful

You smell like juicy fruits

You're so soft to my skin


I own you now

I model you at will

Maybe if I mix you

You won't be jealous


You are my new mater

A faddish pastime

You won't last forever

My plasticine


Crush you

Mix you

Melt you

Trash you away


I'll have

Fun with

You 'till

I wanna play x 2


Already you fade

You're cracking in my hand

There's crumble everywhere

I 've broken my toy again


But I'll still play

Cause the toy box is crowed

Full free hand-play

Full of modelling clay


You are my new mater

A faddish pastime

You won't last forever

My plasticine



4 - Amaterasu


You saw me slipped away the room

My fragrance stood there has the chimney swished

You must have dreamt, for sure

As I start snaking in the stone track

My scruff is scratching me

I can see my nails moving to black claws

No more steps left to be

Finally free from the human life I own

The time trial has now begin

I am finding back the beast

In me


I am Wolf.

It's my cry you hear in the night

My eyes that gaze at your mind?

It's my heart that beats in your Soul

My strength that makes you whole.

I am Wolf, I am in you.

I am Wolf. We Are Wolves


The air plays in my mane

I can even smell the blood running in your veins

Suddenly you recognize my eyes

No need to say that it's time to revenge

My claws scratch on your face

Just before they sink deep in your chest

It's so heady to hold

The reaper's heart I've cursed for so long

The revenge has now begin

I had found back the beast

In me


Shewolf, you'll never get me in chains

Shewolf, ‘cause I belong in den

Shewolf, for me love is in vain

Shewolf, ‘cause I belong in wilderness




6 - 1244 Part II (The Blood Flown)


Woke up this morning with anger

Fear was on our blade's keen

Our mission was hand by god

Deliver his peaceful words

And write them with Cathar's blood

The plain was full of knights


And we don't mind

Losing the fight

Here we belong

Being right or wrong

And we don't care

If it's unfair

This is how we live

When we are in league


Seething with rage and trembling

The sun was just rising

The horde began to ride at dawn

Prayer were comrade-in-arms

Blood was already scattered on the ground

And infidels were trapped




7 - 1244 Part III (Under the Clouds of Chaos)


By those dead on this land

In Roman pyres and mouldy dungeons

By the betrayed count

By the rage of the Ost who staind their ground


By the cross and its tears

By those who died for the rood

By the unfairly crimes

By those of Queribus who stand their ground


There is no place like here

My soul is chained to this place

And I have no such fear

Than let my land one day x 2


Die in disgrace


By those who sang their ladies

By the one welted on the square

By the ladies in the wheel

By those from Montségur who sang in flames


By you, fair as a wife

Which south songs suddenly awake?

By the duty and the sorrow

I will always be Occitanian


Die in disgrace



8 - Inside


Something strange seems to happen

As if my body had several masters

My sleep is not so peaceful anymore

My strength had left me all alone


A piece of Death is growing inside of me

Some kind of evil which takes everything it sees

I may have found an illness strong enough for me

But I promise to fight her; there is nothing I can't win


I saw the Death hot at my heels

And one day for sure, she will catch me

So far I still running to be free

I'll feel alive 'till I'll choose to be


The fight goes on, I had given so many blows

But the opponent still hurts me, more and more

I begin to understand

That this could be my end


I had won many battles but this one is my last

I 'm fighting for honour but I belong to the past

Finally I'm OK, my life had always been mine

'Till the last minute, I felt... alive



9 - Succubus


It’s a beautiful girl

Her eyes reflect the innocence

The smile still hung on the lips

You feel in all traps

This girl has everything she wants


Its charm is excessive

Nature has given everything

It’s a weapon of seduction

Don’t look at her

Cause one day you’ll regret


It’s a devil with angel wings

Hollow in its shell

Don’t be fooled by appearances

She will destroy you

Steal your happiness

And your soul


You’ve hung on her hook

She has changed you, you’re not who you are

You miss she all the time

But when she’s with you

She hurts you deep inside your being


No more trust in you

Totally dependant

She became your drug

Your reason for leaving

Open your eyes

She’s evil



10 - Blackstar


I felt in love with the black one

I loved to stroke his scars

I learn to love the sorrow

I felt in love with the black star


The constant noise allayed my fears

My senses were opened to him

The light is so dazzling

When it rises from darkness


The black star ceased to shine

When I took its heart apart

My wounds won't heal

I have been the devil's bride

My soul was eclipsed

My sky was overcast and

All the clouds in my head

Made me blind from what I am


Day after day I found my way

Across its blasted mind

I learned how to catch the beauty

As you catch sight of a shooting star


But then she crashes next to me

A brand new world appears

And the black star

Vanished in my galaxy


Old in your head, falling till the end 


Made me blind from what I am 




11 - Swear to Devil


Have you ever feel this anger on your chest

Have you ever see this dark look on your face

See through the mirror

There is nothing more

Than this ugly part of you

Show me your dark side too


Evil is eager, evil is unkind,

Evil is so proud, It does envy

Evil bears all things, believes in nothing,

Evil never ends, evil never fails.


Fall into the abyss

And receive the Judas’s Kiss

The real you is showing

The best part of it

Evil is not so scaring

It's the beast part of it


Now you recognize this dark look on our face

Now you can't deny this anger on your chest

Never let it leave

Cherish the black gift

You swear it to devil

You swear it to devil




12 - Submission (Bonus track)


I want him to be mine

For that I have to belong him

Meet all his needs until he loves the same way as me

An exclusive desire

He’s the only right one for me

A divine attraction

That makes me do whatever he wants me


I exist only through him

I’ve anymore the strength to fight him

I just want him to stay with me

And that he owns me forever


He has totally changed me

I’m constantly busy

I’ve anytime to think

I’m his shadow, unseen

It makes me crazy

I don’t know anymore who I am

This submission hurts me

I must escape it


Nowadays my soul is free

He will be mine forever

The slave is now the master

I’ve killed my master

I’ve killed him


I exist only through me

I’ve found the strength to fight him

He will stay forever with me

And he will be mine forever














Prochaine Date

Amaterasu 2014 - Hybrid Harmony
00:00 / 00:00
Lecteur audio

15/11/2019 - L'acoustic Bar - Montauban - 21h30

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